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  • Apple & Gucci: Ready to Virtually Rule the Runway. 📱

  • Vacheron Constantin Watches Inspired by The Met's Collection. 🎨

  • Football player Kylian Mbappé holding RIMOVA Travel Case. 🧳

  • Rossinavi's Custom, Full-Aluminum 164-Foot Superyacht!🚢

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➡️ Did you know? Bvlgari has a Necklace with “Coins”? 🪙

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Is the Reign of Pierpaolo Piccioli Over At Valentino? (Designer and Luxury)

Ooh la la! The reign of Pierpaolo Piccioli at Valentino might be coming to an end after 25 years at the house. Word on the street is that creative director and the fashion house are going their separate ways. Canary whispers that the new face of Creative Direction at Valentino is Alessandro Michele. Hush hush, but the future plans of this new group remains a delicious secret. Canary’s excited to spot what comes next from the former Gucci designer!

Loewe Throws a Craft-Focused Exhibition! Celebrates 175 Years in Style. (Art and Fashion)

Canary chirps that Loewe is having a Craft-Focused exhibition called “Crafted World”, darling! Imagine, a Howl’s Moving Castle handbag? Divine! Sounds like Loewe is bringing in some drama to the table. It’s an Ibiza escape curated with Picasso Ceramic alongside recreation of a leather atelier; these themes have left canary amused. Well, a 178 years that’s practically ancient history in the fashion world. And of course, everyone’s dying to see what Jonathan Anderson will dream up for his anniversary collection. Just imagine, soaking up the Spanish sun amidst art masterpieces.

La Prairie Names New CEO! Estelle Létang All Set to Call Beauty Shots. (Beauty)

Canary chirps that La Prairie has a new boss lady! Estelle Létang is taking the corner office! Succeeding Philippe Lamy as CEO, her role includes driving the strategic direction & long-term vision. Business operations, commercial priorities will also at the core of her role. It is gonna be interesting to tap what she brings to the table. Word on the street is she’ll be relocating to Zurich, Switzerland which are the headquarters of La Prairie. Imagine, calling the shots at a beauty empire while overlooking the Alps! ⛰️

Apple & Gucci: Ready to Virtually Rule the Runway. (Luxury Tech)

Gucci's going all digital! Those trendsetting Italians are launching a brand new mixed reality experience on April 3rd using the hottest new gadget – Apple's Vision Pro headset. Imagine watching a behind-the-scenes peek at Sabato De Sarno's debut Gucci Ancora show, but way more fabulous. This VR experience lets you see never-before-seen footage, and it's all in 3D! And get this – you can even design your own virtual Gucci world to strut around in. Think digital walk-in closet filled with clothes inspired by the show. Who needs a real wardrobe when you have a virtual one, right? Stay tuned for more on how Gucci is conquering the metaverse, one headset at a time.

Hermès Transitions into Growing Home Category. It’s more than Birkins & Kellys. (Home Design and Luxury Event)

Canary chirps that Hermès threw a major party recently! Imagine taking over a whole Santa Monica airport hangar – talk about exclusive! Apparently, it is to celebrate their home goods collection, which is hotter than ever. Forget Birkins & Kellys for a moment, darling, Hermès “H” pillows are the new status symbol on the West Coast. Canary wouldn't be surprised if Blair Waldorf herself had one on her posh penthouse sofa. It doesn’t end here — wicker waste baskets, porcelain plates, leather globes, Taurillon couches took everyone’s breath away. Indeed an exciting time to experiment with luxury accessories!

Luxury Meets Art: Vacheron Constantin Creates Bespoke Watches Inspired by The Met's Collection. (Watches)

Heard about the divine collab between Vacheron Constantin and the Met? Imagine, owning a masterpiece on your wrist! These watches feature ultra-rare reproductions of iconic Met artworks – enamel paintings so intricate they'll make your Piaget look like a Timex. Basically, you get to choose your favourite Met piece (modern and religious art are off-limits, but who wants those anyway?) and Vacheron magically shrinks it for your wrist. Fancy, right? The only catch? No two watches can be identical, and once you pick your masterpiece, no one else gets it for five whole years. Talk about exclusivity! Canary can't decide what's more decadent – owning a mini Monet on your wrist or the price tag that comes with it.

Notorious and Delicious: Vespertine, a Top L.A. Fine Dining Restaurant, Reopens. (Luxury Dining)

Guess who's back, Upper East Siders?  The elusive, the mysterious, Vespertine is finally gracing us with its presence again on April 2nd! But apparently, Chef Kahn has had a major shift in his approach. Instead of just tricking our taste buds, he's using food to tell stories! Imagine, a dish inspired by a 1,000-year-old Mexican palm tree-talk about deep!  And another one capturing the essence of LA spring, but with wild, unexpected ingredients. Sounds like Vespertine is gearing up. Canary can't wait to see what other wild culinary adventures Chef Kahn has in store. Stay tuned for more on this deliciously thought-provoking return!

🔥Hottest in Luxury 🔥

🎯Luxury Spotted 🎯

Conor McGregor channeled his inner gangsta for the New York premiere of Road House this week, wearing a pin-striped suit and Jacob & Co.’s Opera Godfather watch. 😎

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan stunned in Alberta Ferretti as she promotes her upcoming film ‘Crew’. ✈️

Usher looked sharper than ever wearing a sleek black LaQuan Smith suit and an iced-out Chopard timepiece as he won Entertainer of the Year at the 55th Annual NAACP Awards. ⌚

Actress Kriti Sanon spotted in Christian Louboutin footwear while her upcoming movie promotions. 👠

Rihanna spotted wearing custom Louis Vuitton by Pharrell on the Vogue China cover page recently.

Football player Kylian Mbappé was spotted holding RIMOVA travel case for their latest Never Still campaign. 🧳

💡Luxury Tidbit 💡

Did you know? Bvlgari has a Necklace with “Coins”? 🪙

The history of the Bvlgari “Monete” necklace is a tale of timeless elegance and historical reverence that has captivated jewelry enthusiasts for decades.

The Monete collection was conceived by Nicola Bvlgari in 1966, introducing a range of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings adorned with antique coins from ancient Greece and Rome.

The creation of the Bvlgari Monete necklace was inspired by a rich history of setting ancient coins in jewelry, a tradition that dates back to the Roman Empire and experienced a resurgence in popularity in the late 19th century. It was crafted under the discerning eye of Nicola Bvlgari, who had a profound appreciation for coins and their historical significance. 

The name "Monete" in the context of the Bvlgari Monete necklace collection originates from the Italian word for "coins." This name is intricately linked to the design of the necklace, as the central theme of this collection revolves around incorporating ancient coins into jewelry pieces. 

The choice of featuring these coins prominently in the necklace infuses each piece with a rich historical narrative and a touch of prestige.

This interpretation of Bvlgari brought a fresh perspective to luxury jewelry. The Monete necklace collection quickly became an iconic symbol of Bvlgari's commitment to heritage and craftsmanship, standing out as one of the brand's most enduring and popular lines.

Over time, the Bvlgari Monete necklace has evolved while maintaining its timeless elegance and historical reverence. Initially featuring antique Roman bronze coins set in 18k yellow gold mountings, the necklace has continued to captivate jewelry enthusiasts with its classic yet contemporary appeal.

Today, the Monete necklace has become a symbol of cultural currency, blending classical elegance with contemporary sophistication to create a truly unique and iconic piece that transcends time and trends.

Canary was shocked just like this when she found out!

But she will be back Next Friday knowing much more!

Until then,
Stay Luxe you all!

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