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  • Ralph Lauren's Polo Est. 67 Makes You Smell Like a Champion⚾

  • Ma Yansong, the Lucas Museum Architect is Hublot’s New Ambassador⌚

  • D'YAVOL, Luxury Indian streetwear with Exlusive Designs.👕

  • Kerry Washington Spotted in a Corseted Vivienne Westwood Gown with Reflective Fabric👗

Canary’s special tidbit this week 📩

➡️ Did you know? The Ritz-Carlton actually began as a luxury automobile manufacturing company. 🚗

🗞️ Luxury News 🗞️

Limited Edition Alert: Dior's Sauvage Elixir Gets a Crystal Makeover by Baccarat. (Beauty/ Collaboration)

Dior's insanely hot fragrance, Sauvage Elixir, just got a major makeover. Remember that dark navy bottle it came in before? Totally last season. This year, it's all about channeling inner ice queen with a limited-edition crystal bottle made with Baccarat, no less. The old bottle may have been all mysterious navy, but this new one? Crystal clear! Baccarat even brought in their artisan glassmakers to make the perfect curves and a base that's just the right amount of sleek. And to finish it all off, they even engraved it with a classic CD to make it sparkle like diamonds. Talk about extra! 👀

Birkin Blues! Hermès Facing A Lawsuit Over "Tying" Sales. (Apparel)

Hermès is facing a curious lawsuit regarding their coveted Birkin bags. It seems a few West Coast socialites allege acquiring one requires an Hermès spending history longer than a to-do list. Imagine it, Birkins on a waitlist! It's all becoming rather transactional, wouldn't you agree? As opposed to a discerning eye for true style, Birkin ownership might soon hinge solely on Hermès devotion, measured not in taste but in extravagant receipts. Shop Scarves or no Hermès at all, that’s where the ship’s heading! Canary’s fluttering everywhere to see how this one resolves itself! 🤞🏼

A Match Made in Watch Heaven: Ma Yansong, the Lucas Museum Architect, is Hublot’s New Ambassador. (Watches)

Word on this bird is: Ma Yansong turns Ambassador for this watchmaking house. Hublot, the watchmaker known for their dedication to luxury timepieces, says Ma Yansong, the architect’s all about that “pushing boundaries” kind of design. He’s got these architectural wonders as if they belong to a whole another planet, and Hublot’s got watches dripping in diamonds that would make a queen blush. It’s a match made in billionaire heaven. Talk about a perfect Ambassador-Brand Pairing! Just wait until you see the new campaign. It’s going to be all clean lines, architectural marvels, and enough wrist bling to blind a lesser socialite. Mark my words, this is going to be the new “it” association. 😉

Forget Basic Bouquets! Macy's x Dior is Blooming into 49th Annual Flower Show with Miss Dior Magic. (Beauty)

Canary chirping in with some blooming news! Macy's is back with its 49th annual Flower Show, and this year it's all about spring delights, darling. Imagine waltzing through a perfumed paradise at Herald Square – the perfect escape from the city's hustle. And guess what? They've teamed up with Dior again this year, because well, who doesn't love a touch of Parisian luxury with their peonies, n'est-ce pas? Expect an immersive floral wonderland – the kind of Instagram moment that would make even Blair Waldorf green with envy! 😌

Grand Slam with Aaron Judge: Ralph Lauren's Polo Est. 67 Makes You Smell Like a Champion. (Fashion and Sports)

Ralph Lauren is scoring a major coup with their latest launch, Polo Est. 67. Forget last season's scents, this eau de toilette is all about sporty sophistication, and it's practically begging to be spritzed on before brunch at the Polo Bar. Apparently, the fragrance is inspired by none other than Yankees captain Aaron Judge himself. You know, that dreamboat who practically lives for the game? Well, Polo Est. 67 captures that winning spirit in a bottle – perfect for anyone who wants to exude an air of effortless victory. And speaking of effortless victory, did you catch the campaign? They’ve got Judge himself front and center, looking impossibly handsome of course. Canary’s impressed!😎

YSL's Loveshine Pop-Up is Paris in a Parisian Minute. (Beauty)

Forget FOMO, YSL's hosting a divine pop-up next week to celebrate their new lip collection, YSL Loveshine. Think "infinite mirror boxes" and robots doing lipstick routines – it's basically an Instagrammer's dream. And of course, there’ll be makeup artists on hand for complimentary touch-ups, because who wants to settle for anything less than perfect lips, darling? The cherry on top? A "candy boutique" with gumball machines and temporary tattoos. Sounds like the perfect excuse to ditch binge-watching on your couch and treat yourself to some retail therapy. 💄

Where Queens Once Partied: Unveiling the 17th Century Palace as Netherlands' Most Glamorous New Hotel Today. (Travel/ Hotel)

Heard about the historic Château Neercanne? Tucked by the Belgian border, it's basically royalty among Dutch estates. Earlier simply a château, now restored. Owned by the story-loving Oostwegel fam, it now boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant (divine!). But guess what? They just upped the luxury game. As of March 1st, they've unveiled seven brand new suites in the historic quarters. Two of which, Deluxe Garden & Superior Garden even lend you private courtyards – perfect for sipping champagne in secret, wouldn't you agree? Time to ditch your Hamptons trip, Upper East Siders. Château Neercanne is the new chic escape & Canary can assure you that. 🥂

🔥Hottest in Luxury 🔥

🎯Luxury Spotted 🎯

Rick Ross, the rap mogul flexed a diamond-encrusted Audemars Piguet timepiece while performing at a nightclub in Miami this week. 💎

Kerry Washington Wore a Corseted Vivienne Westwood Gown Complete with Reflective Fabric and a Floor-length Train at NAACP Image Awards in Los Angeles. 👗

Lenny Kravitz sported a dazzling Jaeger-LeCoultre on his wrist as he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week.

Priyanka Chopra stunned in Gaurav Gupta Couture and Bvlgari jewelry to Bvlgari ‘s ‘A Roman Holi Party’ in India recently.

Ananya Panday Glammed Up for Rahul Mishra at Lakme Fashion Week steals the show in black mini dress.

Jake Gyllenhaal, the American actor kept it simply stylish in gold Cartier Santos to the Road House photo call in London this week. ⌚

💡Luxury Tidbit 💡

Did you know? The Ritz-Carlton actually began as a luxury automobile manufacturing company.

The story of The Ritz-Carlton begins in the early 20th century with César Ritz, a visionary entrepreneur known for his impeccable taste and dedication to excellence.

Prior to entering the hospitality industry, Ritz was involved in various ventures, including luxury hotels in Europe. However, it was his partnership with renowned chef Auguste Escoffier that laid the foundation for The Ritz-Carlton as we know it today.

But what many may not realize is that before venturing into the world of luxury hospitality, The Ritz-Carlton was, in fact, a luxury automobile manufacturing company.

Inspired by the ever- growing automotive industry of the time, César Ritz saw an opportunity to expand his brand's reach beyond hotels and into the realm of automotive craftsmanship.

Every aspect of The Ritz-Carlton Automobiles was meticulously designed and executed with the same level of precision and attention to detail that defined the brand's luxury hotels. From the hand-stitched leather interiors to the custom-engineered engines, no expense was spared in creating these automotive masterpieces.

However, it was César Ritz's unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled experiences that ultimately led to the transition from automobile manufacturing to hospitality. Drawing upon his expertise in luxury craftsmanship and his keen eye for detail, Ritz set out to create a new standard of luxury in the hotel industry.

When The Ritz-Carlton opened its doors to guests for the first time, it was more than just a hotel—it was a testament to the art of hospitality perfected.

Every element of the guest experience, from the elegant décor to the impeccable service, reflected the same dedication to excellence that had distinguished The Ritz-Carlton automobiles.

Today, as guests step into The Ritz-Carlton hotels around the world, they are greeted by the same spirit of craftsmanship and attention to detail that has defined the brand since its inception.

From the moment they arrive until the moment they depart, every aspect of their stay is infused with the legacy of luxury and refinement that began with César Ritz's vision many decades ago.

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