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  • Victoria Beckham X Breitling ⌚

  • Secret Behind Maison Margiela Model’s Porcelain Complexion 🎭

  • Gucci Women's Interlocking G-Heel Sandal! 👡

  • Damiano David rocks Bvlgari at the 2024 Musicares Person of the Year gala!

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➡️The Tale of Prada's Royal Warrant 📄

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Pat McGrath reveals how Margiela's Models Achieve their Glass Skin Glow. (Beauty)

Heads up, fashionistas: Canary's latest reveal is all about getting that smooth, doll-like skin. J'adore! Picture a Paris night, where McGrath paints faces to perfection. The secret? It starts with Rose 001 Essence for a fresh glow, followed by a flawless base using Sublime Perfection Foundation. The eyes get a soft touch with Mothership I palette, and for the lips, it's all about MatteTrance lipstick with a hint of PermaGel pencil. And for the grand finale? A blend of face masks for that glossy finish. There you have it—a simple recipe for turning heads. Keep it classy!

Joanna Lumley and Olivia Colman Light Up Harrods at the Burberry Cocktail Affair. (Fashion Feature)

Joanna Lumley, our beloved Patsy from "Ab Fab," tiptoeing from her usual shopping haunts to grace Harrods with her presence, toasting to Burberry's new Knight Blue line. It was a star-studded affair with the crème de la crème of British celebs, including Olivia Colman and the iconic Naomi Campbell. Mary Berry was all smiles, likening Burberry's latest to her delectable desserts. It was a night of light-hearted toasts and fabulous fashion. Canary’s eyes are dazzling by just looking at the pictures!

Saks shifts gears into luxury with electric cars. (Business and Marketing)

Spotted: Saks Fifth Avenue revving up luxury with more than just diamonds. Why the grand entrance of a Lucid Air Sapphire on the jewelry floor? It's the talk of the town. Saks is teaming up with the Electric Lucid to give the elite a spin in the fast lane with test drives and a shiny new digital showcase. It's not just a shopping spree; it's a ride into the future. And according to Marc Metrick of Saks, it's all about giving you a taste of the luxe life, with a twist. Buckle up, Canary senses a luxurious ride.

Chanel Emerges Victorious in court against What Goes Around Comes Around. (Legal/Business)

Straight from the Couture Courts: Chanel has just clinched a victory against ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ in a trademark tussle, bagging all four votes from the fashion-forward jury. The verdict? Canary heard, a dazzling $4 million in Chanel's favour to keep their luxury legacy untarnished. Stay tuned as the legal glam squad preps for another round of briefs.

Estée Lauder trims its team by up to 5%. (Business)

In the latest beauty bulletin: Estée Lauder is changing things up, planning layoffs — that's up to 5% of their team, including icons like Clinique, Mac, and Tom Ford. As the news hit the airwaves, their market allure saw a 12% hike, though not as before, but it's a shocker they’re taking this plunge. Canary knows something’s not good in the hood. But what is it? Guess only time will tell…

Victoria Beckham Debuts Her First Watch Line with Breitling. (Watch)

Canary’s here with the time-ticking news that's got everyone watching. Victoria Beckham, our fave Spice Girl turned fashion icon, has just teamed up with Breitling. Introducing the Chronomat 36 Victoria Beckham, a collection that's pure Posh. Choose from stainless steel or gold, and dial up the drama with blue, green, silver, or Champagne. It's not just a milestone for Beckham; it's a nod to Breitling's 140 years of luxury. Tick-tock, darlings, these watches are timeless, just like their new designer!

Lewis Hamilton gears up for Ferrari in 2025, leaving Mercedes behind. (Luxury Sport)

Heads up, racing fans: Canary's got the latest. Lewis Hamilton is making a major move from Mercedes to Ferrari for the 2025 Formula 1 season. He's got one more year with Mercedes before he puts on the Ferrari red. It's big news that's sure to shake up the tracks. “Time is right”, he says supporting this sudden transition.

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Miley Cyrus looks stunning in Maison Margiela as she wins the Grammy's 2024!😍

John Legend looks classic in a legendary Audemars Piguet with silky Saint Laurent on Sunday evening!

Kriti Sanon spotted taking the airport look serious in a sustainable Burberry Trench Coat at Mumbai Airport!🧥

John Batiste, the “Butterfly” singer can take solace in the fact that he looked ultra-sharp in Versace and Vacheron Constantin!⌚

Zendaya shines in Bvlgari Serpenti Viper and while carrying Bottega Veneta by Matthieu Blazy for the first global premiere of Dune in Mexico City!

Damiano David rocks Bvlgari while performing at the 2024 Musicares Person of the Year gala!🔥

💡Luxury Tidbit 💡

Did you know The Tale of Prada's Royal Warrant?

Founded by Mario Prada in 1913, Prada began as a leather goods shop in Milan, named Fratelli Prada.

This establishment quickly distinguished itself with its exquisite craftsmanship and the superior quality of its products, catching the discerning eyes of the Italian elite.

By 1919, just a mere six years after its inception, Prada's burgeoning reputation for excellence in the realm of luxury goods was royally acknowledged.

The brand was bestowed with a Royal Warrant by the Italian monarchy, the House of Savoy. This wasn't merely an accolade; it was a transformative honor that elevated Prada's societal standing and market position to the echelons of aristocratic preference.

The Royal Warrant was a seal of supreme quality and exclusivity, signifying that Prada was an official supplier to the Italian royal family.

The House of Savoy, Italy's royal house at the time, was an institution steeped in history and tradition, ruling Italy from its unification in 1861 until the country became a republic in 1946.

Being granted the right to incorporate the House of Savoy's coat of arms and the knotted rope design into Prada's logo was not just a matter of decorative privilege.

It was a symbol of trust and excellence, allowing Prada to publicly display its connection to the royal family, thereby enhancing its brand image and appeal to not just the aristocracy but also to the wider public who aspired to the heights of luxury and elegance associated with royalty.

This royal endorsement significantly impacted Prada's business, bolstering its image and helping to expand its clientele beyond Milan and Italy's borders. The prestige associated with serving the needs of the royal family attracted a more international clientele, keen on owning pieces associated with such an illustrious pedigree.

The logo, enriched with the royal insignia, served as a constant reminder of Prada's quality and royal approval, a powerful marketing tool at the time.

It is a fascinating vignette from the tapestry of luxury fashion history and a story that continues to resonate with consumers even today.

Canary nods YES!

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